Dahle Deskside Shredder

Dahle Deskside Office Shredder

Regular Price: $149.99
Today’s Price: $129.99
9 1/2" Feed Opening
18/22 Sheet Capacity
1⁄4" Shred Size - Level 2
CleanTEC® Filtration
Safe Technology
SmartPower Management

2202 Paper Safe 8.75" Feed Width 7/9 Sheet Capacity

         P4 Security level, Shred Size 3 3/16"x1 3/16"

Quality German Engineering
Benefit: Designed and built to exacting standards
Benefit: Built to last
Benefit: Quiet operation
SmartPower Energy Management System
Benefit: Energy conservation and reduction of energy costs.
Benefit: Energy management system that reduces power consumption
when sitting idle, and eliminates power use after 30 minutes of
Shred paper to security level 2 - 3 standards
Benefit: Option to choose between a strip cut or cross cut shredder
Benefit: Internal and confidential material is cut up into tiny unreadable
8 3/4" Feed opening
Benefit: Easy feeding of both letter and legal size paper
Automatic on/off
Benefit: Just insert the paper and walk away
Benefit: Saves operating time
Benefit: Ease of operation increases usage
Auto shut off when door is open or cutting
head is removed
Benefit: Safety feature to prevent personal injury
Solid steel cutting blades
Benefit: A single piece of steel is stronger and more durable then cutting
knives stacked together
Benefit: Easily accepts paper clips and staples
Benefit: Minimal flexing so larger particles won’t slip by the cutting head
Thermally Protected Motor
Benefit: Prevents overheating during constant shredding
Benefit: Saves money in costly repairs
8 gallon integral waste volume
Benefit: A waste bin holds a large volume of waste and needs to be
changed less frequently
Weighs only 50 lbs
Benefit: Lightweight and easy to move
Benefit: Can be placed within arms reach so confidential material
won’t pile up
Toggle switch
Benefit: Single control for on, off, and reverse
Includes gussetted waste bags
Benefit: Sides expand to collect a larger amount of material
Benefit: Hassle free removal of shredded waste material
Front Locking Rolling Casters
Benefit: Mobility- Easy to position in place or move locations
Lifetime warranty on cutting blades
Benefit: Peace of mind

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