Pro-Bind 1000

Pro-Bind 1000 Thermal Binding Machine

Regular Price: $233.00
Today’s Price: $219.99
Pro-Bind 1000 thermal desktop perfect binding system.
Great for making photo book or binding legal or tax documents.

The Pro-Bind 1000 Thermal Binder Machine is able to thermal bind soft and hard covers with a simple touch of a button.
The binding capacity fits up to a 3/4" spine.
The Pro-Bind Perfect Binding unit is designed for 11"x8.5" sheet size or smaller and is the junior version of the Pro-Bind 2000 Next Generation Thermal Binding Equipment.
This lightweight system is portable to fit any office needs and only weighs 2 pounds.
Other benefits of the Pro-Bind 1000 Thermal Binder Machine include an automatic an automatic energy saving mode when the unit is not being used, as well as factory heat settings that minimize operator error. Find professional spine binder machines today at Laminate!
The Pro-Bind 1000 carries a one-year warranty. Powered by Alps, Plastic Lamination, Lonoke, AR