LEDCO Industrial Series Workhorse Laminator / Stand HD25

25" LEDCO Industrial Workhorse Laminator / Stand HD25 Made in America

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Today’s Price: $10,999.00
LEDCO Industrial Series 25" Workhorse Laminator / Stand HD25
The Ledco HD-25 Workhorse Laminator is designed to: 1. Provide years of service with minimum maintenance 2. Laminate using films up to 10 mils thick, up to 25-inches wide, and at speeds up to 25 feet per minute 3. Operate on 220 volts, 20 amps STANDARD FEATURES: 1. Intelligent heat controllers anticipate the heat demand for each job to maintain a set temperature 2. Variable-speed operation for proper lamination of thicker films at slower speeds 3. Removable heat shoes are easily unplugged and removed to clean or replace the laminating rollers 4. Upper and lower rollers are driven to minimize material wrinkling or curling 5. Pull rolls can be used as laminating rolls if the laminating rolls become damaged 6. Pressure release control makes it easier to clear film and allows the rollers to turn during warm-up 7. Retractable slitters remove the side scrap from both sides of each sheet as it moves through the laminator 8. 18” extension bars 9. Upper fan assembly provides additional cooling to run thicker films at higher speeds OPTIONS 1. Release liner take-up facilitates the removal of release liner when using pressure-sensitive films 2. Casters 3. Extra slitter heads 4. Additional mandrels 5. Footage counter. Try this heavy-duty laminator today!
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