LEDCO Educator Laminator

Ledco Educator 25" Laminator Made in America

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LEDCO Educator Laminator

THE PRICE OF THIS SCHOOL LAMINATOR MACHINE INCLUDES FREE SET UP IN CENTRAL ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIPPING CHARGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. The LEDCO Educator Laminator is designed to: 1. Laminate using films up to 5 mils thick, at speeds up to 6 feet per minute, up to 25 inches wide 2. Operate on 110 volts, 15 amps. 220 volt operation is available. 3. Simplify laminating STANDARD FEATURES 1. Preset lamination pressure and speed makes the LEDCO Educator Laminator easier to use 2. Reverse switch to avoid problems or clear misfed materials 3. Adjustable-heat control allows you to use films up to 5 mils thick 4. Supply roll tension knobs provide the control you need for wrinkle-free results without complicating your work 5. Automatic forced air cooling for laminating 3 and 5 mil films, as well as 1.5 mil film 6. Attached safety shield made of clear polycarbonate so users can see their work with the shield in place OPTIONS 1. Slitter assembly removes the side scrap from both sides of each sheet as it moves through the laminator 2. Counter (English or metric) to measure film usage 3. Roll-feed kit simplifies lamination of long images 4. Right side feed guide for greater feed precision 5. Dust cover to keep the school laminator machine clean when not in use 6. Made in America ,Ledco Laminating Equipment.


25 Inch Laminator

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