LEDCO Professor Laminator

27" LEDCO Professor Laminator Made in America

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LEDCO Professor Laminator
THE LEDCO PROFESSOR 27" COMMERCIAL LAMINATOR MACHINE IS DESIGNED TO: 1. Laminate using films up to 10 mils thick and 27 inches wide. 2. Operate on 110 volts, 1560 watts, 15 amps. 3. Provide variable speed operation from 0 - 15 feet per minute. 4. Process roll film. 5. Process pouches. 6. Process mounting boards. 7. Simultaneously mount and laminate. STANDARD FEATURES: 1. Self-threading feature for easier loading of film. 2. Dual function versatility (laminating and mounting up to 3/16”). 3. Reverse switch to clear wrap-arounds or back out materials. 4. Adjustable temperature control allows use of film up to 10 mils thick. 5. Adjustable temperature control allows use of a variety of mounting materials. 6. Forced air cooling allows laminating with thicker films. 7. Hot roll design. 8. Clear safety shield so operators can see their work. OPTIONS: 1. Footage Counter Used to measure film usage in feet. Metric version 2. Roll Feed Kit For use when laminating very long items such as banners. These commercial laminating machines are especially helpful for owners of poster printers, plotters, banner makers, and other digital output. 3. Stand.
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