Roll Laminating Film

Roll Laminating Film



Shop our store for Roll Laminate Film in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, and finishes.
Laminating film rolls are used in hot (thermal) and cold laminators to protect your documents from fading, tearing, dirt, fingerprints, moisture and other contaminants. Documents frequently laminated include posters, menus, marketing materials, reference materials and other business documents.
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Top Products in Roll Laminating Film:

Helpful Tips for Buying Laminating Film

When buying laminate film replacements for your hot or cold roll laminator check your machine specs and consider the following: 

  • Width: The most common widths are 27” and 25”. However, are films come in 4” to 60” widths.
  • Core: 1” core is used by most businesses. 3” core is typically used for wide-format and trade laminates.
  • Thickness: Film weight needs vary based on use, but if you’re uncertain we recommend 3 Mil. It’s thicker and typically runs easier and gives your finished product a smoother look & feel.  1.5 Mil, 3 Mil, 5 Mil and 10 Mil thicknesses are available.


Roll Laminating Films are:

  • Available in varying sizes, with widths from 4"-63" wide
  • Used with hot or cold laminate
  • Made to be run on a Roll-Type Laminator
  • Available in standard widths of 4", 9", 12", 25", 27", 36", 38", 43", and 60"
  • Available in roll lengths from 100' to 6,000' per roll

Choose from Laminating Film Rolls suitable for either hot or cold applications.

Hot Laminating Film Rolls:

  • Use heat and pressure to apply the film to paper
  • Are meant to impregnate the paper stock they are applied to
  • Come in 1.5, 3.0, 5.0., 7.0., and 10.0 mil thickness options

Cold Laminating Film Rolls:

  • Use a pressure-sensitive adhesive to apply the film to paper or another substrate
  • Can be applied to different types of and more substrates than hot films
  • Have a tacky adhesive underneath a liner and stick to the surface of a substrate
  • Are more costly than Thermal or Hot Laminating Films

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