Laminate Cutters & Accessories

Self-stick Cardboard Easels

ALPS carries a wide variety of laminating accessories and laminate cutting equipment. Our peel-and-stick Easel Backs are great for applying to the back of a display ad, document, or board. Just peel off the liner to expose the adhesive, stick it on the back of the item you want to stand up, and display.

Our cardboard Double-wing Easels come in lengths of 6", 8",10", 12", 15", 18", and 25" and are sold in packs of 100.

Paper and Plastic Lamination Trimming Equipment

We have Paper Cutters and Trimmers for cutting a variety of substrates that can be used to precision cut paper, plastic, foam board or Gator board.

laminate guillotine

We have Guillotine paper cutters, Rotary paper cutters, laminate cutting equipment and trimmers, Rotary lamination trimmer, and equipment stack cutters made by Dahle and Akiles.

Guillotine-type Paper Cutters

Guillotine stack cutters use a lever to cut single or multiple sheets of paper. Guillotine paper cutters are manually operated by pulling the handle down to cut.

rolling trimmer

Rotary Paper Cutter & Trimmers

Rotary paper trimmers use a self-sharpening wheel to precision-cut paper or plastic. They have an enclosed cutting head that slides on a track and has a plastic clamp to keep the item being cut from moving. These machines make great plastic laminate cutters.

Rotary paper cutters and laminate trim cutters make cutting paper and lamination jobs easy, precise, and consistent.

Paper Stack Cutters

Paper Stack Cutters

A paper cutter (or paper Guillotine) is a tool often found in offices and classrooms, designed to cut a large set of paper at once with a perfectly straight edge. They will accurately cut up to 500 sheets of paper in one cut. They are also used by print shops to cut a printed job down to finished size. Find more laminating accessories below. Powered by Alps, Plastic Lamination, Lonoke, AR