Plastic Laminating Services

One or Two-sided Plastic Film Laminating and Print Finishing Services

Find your online paper laminating services here. With more than 35 years of experience in the document finishing business, ALPS/ can take your print job from conception to the finished product.

From laminating two sides of your document, card size up to 36"x10’, to one side from 10"x13" up to 26"x40, ALPS runs high-speed automated laminators for fast turnaround. No minimum order size for two-sided laminating; minimum order for one-sided laminating is 250 sheets.

Commonly laminated items include:

  • Catalog Pages
  • Counter Mats
  • Hang Tags
  • Menu
  • POP Displays
  • Place mats
  • Sales Sheets

ALPS can laminate even more — Please call for a quote on our custom film laminating services or for more information at 1-800-445-ALPS (2577).

Other services provided are:

  • Badge assembly
  • Custom event badges
  • Custom index tabs
  • Chip board easel application
  • Die cutting
  • Eyelet application with 1/4" brass eyelets
  • Foam core mounting
  • Full color or black-and-white printing
  • Round cornering 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" radius corners
  • Slot/hole punching
  • Transfer/double-stick tape application
  • Sorting/packing/shipping

One-Sided Plastic Film Laminating

  • Obtain lamination protection for menus, book covers, labels, folding cartons, kit folders, etc.:
  • Films weights available in 1.2 or 1.7 mil
  • Film types: PET, OPP, Nylon (layflat), G.S. (glueable/stampable) gloss, matte or satin
    • specialty films such as Metalized, SuperBrite, Rainbow, Soft Touch, Velvet, and more are available
  • Minimum sheet size is 10"x13"
  • Maximum sheet size is 26"x40"
  • We need your press sheet to be at least 3/4" larger on all four sides than the finished cut sheet size
  • Offset powder will cause bubbles (please keep to a minimum)
  • Use a medium or heavy weight paper stock (thin papers will wrinkle or curl)
  • Use wax-free Inks
  • Some copier inks/toners will not adhere (best to test before doing the entire job)

Two-Sided Plastic Film Laminating

Two-sided laminating can be provided in various weights of plastic and can be edge sealed or flush cut. Edge sealed (E/S) means that the finished sheet will have a small overhang of plastic. With flush cut, the plastic is cut right up to the edge of the paper stock, and the paper edges are clean and can be trimmed to size after lamination.

Specifications to know:

  • Our standard E/S is 1/8", but we can make the seal to your desired size
  • Film weights are per side, so keep in mind that if you want something laminated in 10 mil, the total thickness of the finished piece will be 20 mils
  • Film weights available: 1.7, 3.0, 5.0 or 10.0 mil
  • Film types: PET, gloss, matte, satin, Super Stick, Soft Touch, Velvet, and BioLam
  • Minimum sheet size is 2"x3"
  • Maximum sheet size 36" wide by any length
  • Offset powder will cause bubbles if used heavily (please keep to a minimum)
  • Use wax-free inks
  • Some copier inks/toners will not adhere; It is best to test before running the entire job

For a quote on our custom film laminating, Die Cutting or other services or for more information, please call 1-800-445-ALPS (2577). Powered by Alps, Plastic Lamination, Lonoke, AR